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We are your source for quality kitchen and bath cabinetry for the best prices, at every level. Located in the old Bernie & Phyl’s discount space, Discount Kitchens is holding true to the same values, providing quality cabinetry in a range of styles for affordable prices you won’t see anywhere else.

Discount Kitchens Etc.

We’ve been in the industry for over 30 years, gaining experience and building close relationships with quality cabinetry dealers in Yorktowne, and more. Why go to huge, impersonal major retailers or overpriced specialty shops when you can get the same beautiful cabinets while experiencing personal, one-on-one service and saving money? Our products range from the high-end to the more budget-friendly offerings, all for less than other retailers charge, thanks to our decades-long relationships with some of the biggest names in cabinetry.

Your savings are our passion. Call or come by our showroom today!